How to Mint a Film NFT
with Manifold Studio

NiftyFilm Education Series

Welcome to the NiftyFilm Education Series! In today's tutorial we show you how to mint a film or video NFT on the Ethereum network with Manifold Studio ( and Pinata (

If you're an independent filmmaker looking to get into the wild world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), this is the place to start! Once you have your own smart contract created, you can mint your own NFT using Manifold and list them on OpenSea or Rarible, the two biggest NFT marketplaces, and not be beholden to using their shared contracts! Note that longer playing video files might not appear on OpenSea or LooksRare, but they will always play just fine on Rarible.

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Video Transcript

hey guys how you doing today this is the NiftyFilm Education Series today we’re gonna mint an NFT on Manifold Studio the last time we created a smart contract on manifold this time we’re going to actually mint some nfts we’re going to connect our wallet through our metamask right there but we’re going to switch over to the rinkeby test network rinkeby test network so we can uh do some tests on these first before we spend our hard-earned e so i have one here made already for my short film close but no cigar i’m minting all my movies right now to the blockchain let’s make a fresh one let’s do 5:19 To <olina my short documentary 5:19 To Molina this is going to be an NFT that’ll be available for me to be purchased this is going to be a 101 so what we’re going to do is we’re going to upload a little gif we’ve made for the thumbnail we’re just going to have the uh we’re just going to have the main title come up right there 5:19 To Molina a little documentary i made about a decade ago about a very large man trying to race a major league baseball player to first base um and it hasn’t been online in a really really long time so now it can be it can be yours.


I don’t know how much i’m gonna charge for it yet we’ll figure it out but let’s put in some information here it’s created by upstart film collective that’s our production company we have some copy that we wrote many many years ago for it that we’ll put in the description right there and then um we want to just make sure our copy is good copy does look good and then i wrote a little um because this is uh uh the intellectual property of major league baseball in the united states um we just want to let all collectors out there know that uh you don’t actually get the intellectual property of major league baseball um this is still uh a patent-pending situation we’re still waiting for permission ourselves we never really went out and asked for it but you know what are you going to do this is a one-of-one you can only get it here so i just like to put in some copy make sure everything looks right you can certainly use the movie for anything else you want i don’t know what you would want but you’re welcome to it so so we will make sure all of our text looks good we have the website in there that looks good like you’ll be able to go to the website from the opensea listing now here we actually get autofills like my name is the artist name but we’re gonna change it this is how we put the full movie up there.


We’re gonna go over to our Pinata account, Pinata is an IPFS pinning service as you can see i’ve already uploaded this is you can pay 15 cents per gigabyte per month which is what i’m paying or you can do if there’s a free plan up to one gig if you just want to mess around and you upload it through Pinata onto IPFS they’ll pin it you’ll have a url that you can put in there you have to change the property to hidden see how we change it to hidden and then we have to type in animation underscore url and put in that https gateway dot Pinata that IPFS address of the film itself this is how we’re going to see it on wearable this is very very very important it’s not going to show up on opensea we’re going to take a look at what the listing looks like later but only on wearable will you actually be able to see the the video file that we we just accessed right there we can put in a couple of other properties we’ll just add some text properties for the year 2009’s when we made it shot it in 1080p just thought you know put a little extra information in there and then we’re gonna test uh we’re gonna mint it to the test net the ring could be test network we still have some of that fake test eth that we got when we created the smart contract very very low fake gas prices on on this fake test network and we’re just gonna let that go through and that’ll take a little bit of time to uh validate to the rink be test network and we’ll be right back.


And oh look at that beat us to it so what we do is we can take a look now on wearable it takes a little bit of time to show up um even though the transaction went through it takes a little bit of time so let’s reload that let’s see what happens back here to manifold studio let’s uh let’s take a look at it on opensea let’s see if anything’s shown up there now like i said through this uh through all of this testing and messing around trying to get this method to work you will not be able to see the movie even though it’s in the metadata and you can see the properties right there even though it’s in the metadata the address of the film itself on ipfs it will not display it will only display that thumbnail so we’re not gonna when we actually make the listing for these uh and put them for sale we’re only gonna do it on wearable because it’s the only website where you can actually view the movie let’s pop over to wearable one more time now the only thing about rare will because it’s gotta load up that whole thing we gotta wait ten full minutes but when we come back to it ten full minutes later you can see all the info that we typed in is there there’s the movie playing it has audio it’s got a little counter right there it’s the whole movie playing on IPFS a really nice presentation right here you can even open the original on IPFS you can see actually at the top it changed the gateway from uh from from Pinata’s gateway their public gateway that was in the URL they do it through their own Rarible gateway on IPFS so that actually gives you a little bit more uh bandwidth as well because Rarible has their own gateway which is pretty cool.


So we’ll come back to manifold studio during the 10 minutes that we waited for the first token to show show up on Rarible we made another listing for the other short film that we are uh putting up on nifty film classics for expiration date that’s a movie we made like well over a decade ago but it hasn’t been online in forever so it’s coming back to you out of print and as you can see again we waited about 10 minutes for the for the token to load up on wearable but it’s got the copy up there that we typed in it’s got uh we shot this one in 720p because it’s that old but it’s got the audio it’s got the counter we can open the original IPFS look at that wearable it’s going through their gateway so you get good streams instantly like i don’t have super fast internet here i mean cable internet so it’s all right it’s not crazy crazy fast it’s not crazy crazy crazy slow and it streams almost instantly like we’re i’m so happy about that and as you can see it’s got all the copy we have in there and everything and uh yeah and here’s another thing you can do we can see what the token looks like on looks rare even though um there’s no link on manifold studio about it we can go to looks connect our wallet right there we can go through all the terms of agreement let’s go i got it let’s go let’s go and then we can go in they have their own little Rinkeby test network uh site as well so we’ll go to their test network site we have the wallet that will get connected up through the metamask on the test network let’s switch over to the Rinkeby test network again bring that up connect our metamask connect our wallet get all that going.


Next connect do agree let’s go i got it let’s go jeez so we can go to my items because it’s connected to the wallet and it’s already in there um as you can see it plays the uh thumbnails for the three movies that we had minted on there we can even go to the listing itself and see if the movie plays will the movie play is that the movie loading is that the movie load no it’s the GIF thumbnail loading so looks rare will not play the movie just like opensea will not play the movie it will only show that it is in the metadata the URL of the film on IPFS is in the metadata so like you could still move that token around it doesn’t get lo you know it stays with it but it only shows the film properly on wearable so for longer form uh films like these which are 10 minutes each i always recommend uh we’re gonna list these on wearable you can see them on all three websites but the listing will only be live on wearable so people can actually watch the film that they’re buying so we’ll come back to manifold studio here make sure we’re on the main net we’re going to get these things now we’ve seen what they look like on the test networks we know it works best on wearable so now we have to actually review and finalize and get this thing minted so we’re going to go back to the first one i made a draft of this one uh before i recorded uh the tutorial for the other one so i’m just gonna mint this one first see how i have the resolution in the year and there is the properties the url is in there the same way that i showed you guys earlier we’re gonna mint one of these and this is how long it took to go to our weave let’s speed it up a little bit it took one minute and 39 seconds to upload the the thumbnail goes to Arweave through manifold studio and then it comes to us to accept the gas fee for the ethereum transaction 0.008 each about 25 bucks that doesn’t seem so bad so let’s confirm that and that’s confirmed and then we’re going to wait oh oh we just caught it just as it was reloading it’s the same price 0.008 we’ll confirm that that happens on as you know the price updates itself really quick so sometimes you get caught in mid click.


So there it is minted it took about 15 seconds that wasn’t that bad probably even less than that so that was really cool and then we can go to the token on wearable straight away right there and there it is we’re on the regular this thing is live now we haven’t uh uh placed it for sale yet but it is live it’s an actual transaction on the blockchain and this is the the live listing on wearable you can see we can poke through the movie it’s accessing that uh hidden property with the animation underscore url um that we cut and pasted and it streams really really well and i’m really really happy about that so that’s pretty cool so we can go back and let’s uh we can get another one of these minted up i’ll do one more um before we let you guys go and and start minting on uh on manifold studio yourself so we have that as you can see the gateway dot Pinata that’s the Pinata’s public gateway but wearable will pump it through their public gateway which is pretty cool so minting the 5:19 To Molina we’ll just blast through this it’s uploading to our weave there it is 0.007 this gas fee is even a little bit cheaper took about five minutes total start to finish just to get that minted and that’s how you create an NFT using Manifold Studio thanks for joining us!

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