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LATE NIGHT DREADS is a dark and exciting new NFT anthology web series, combining film and collectibility in ways never before seen in web3. At its essence, LATE NIGHT DREADS are short adaptations of various urban legends, tall tales and popular two-sentence horror stories.


The stories are told in new and unique ways that you can collect and trade, at a price everyone can afford. And as we add value and utility to the scarcest episodes in the collection, rest assured that LATE NIGHT DREADS will entertain you like never before and for a long time to come.


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LATE NIGHT DREADS are 15-20 second micro-episodes, or “Dreads.” Releasing every 3-4 months on OpenSea, Rarible & LooksRare on the Ethereum blockchain, each drop will consist of 6 episodes available to collect. For our genesis drop each episode will have a base version limited to only 15 editions for collectors of all budgets to enjoy.


There are 2 blue & 2 red tint variations, a 1/1 Retro Rewind, and a 1/1 Silver Screen edition. All versions come with access to a private Discord channel on NiftyFilm where you can swap stories and talk DREADS with your fellow fans and collectors.


The variations come with exclusive bonuses, including the opportunity to have your work featured as an official episode, celebrity cameos, equity sharing, future whitelists and more custom smart contract capabilities coming soon!

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Limited to only 15 editions, the base episodic version of LATE NIGHT DREADS contains the show itself in its primary completed form. 


You’ll have access to a private Discord channel where you can connect with other collectors, talk about the show, swap stories and trade for your favorites! 


For those who have multiple base Dreads, you’ll also be eligible for exclusive airdrops with rarities, bonus content and whitelisted access to future NiftyFilm shows!


After 6 months in release, we’ll move the oldest episodes to catalog status on the Tezos blockchain at a reduced price. These Dreads will be standalone episodes, content only, with no additional access.



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If you enjoy the show and want to be more involved in the LATE NIGHT DREADS community, consider one of our stylized variations limited to only 2 editions each.


In addition to everything you get with the base episodic, you’ll also have access to exclusive extended versions and rare variations, and the opportunity to pitch your story ideas to the community.


We’ll make an official Dread from the best ones and you’ll get a base copy for free!

Blue not your favorite color? We also offer these limited editions in a red tinted version. Choose the color you like best!


A throwback to the vintage age of baseball cards, these variations pay tribute to the 1962 Topps set, which has a well-known error where some of the cards were printed with a green tint. These cards are still highly-sought after 60 years later!


With the new age of web3 here, we pay homage to the days of collectibles past!



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For the discerning collector, we offer these rarest Dread variations. Choose the VHS themed Retro Rewind Edition, or if classic celluloid is more your thing, select the Silver Screen Edition.



You get all the benefits of the base and color editions, plus the opportunity to write or star in an upcoming episode.


Are you an artist? Remix, reuse and create derivatives of your Dread and monitize our content with full commercial usage rights and a Creative Commons CC4 license! Or contribute your art to a future episode and be eligible for a portion of its revenue!


You’ll also have access to exclusive extended versions of your Dread, where we give you and you alone a little longer peek at the action. We think you’ll want to stick around.

But the true value in these 1/1’s will be in the celebrity cameos and equity sharing that we’ll be adding in the future as the show matures.


With the support of the early sales of these rarities, we’ll be reaching out to name talent in the world of film and TV, offering celebrity cameo variations of the base LATE NIGHT DREADS, exclusively for our 1/1 collectors.


As the show continues to grow, we also plan to deploy a custom smart contract which will enable us to retroactively introduce equity sharing in LATE NIGHT DREADS and other future NiftyFilm shows.


This will ensure we continue to deliver value and community to our most ardent supporters for years to come!



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Unprecedented Rarity Traits

Never before seen in the world of live action entertainment, LATE NIGHT DREADS introduces the concept of rarity traits to film!


As an additional level of scarcity, we’ll be assigning traits to each of the Dreads within a drop such as:


  • shot type (closeup, wide shot, etc.)
  • dutch angles (tilting the camera)
  • camera moves (dolly, stationary, etc.)
  • style (color, B&W, etc.)


Collect the Dreads you like the best or try for the rarest ones! You decide!

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Jason Charnick


JASON CHARNICK is an award-winning filmmaker & New Yorker now living in Southern California. He has been in the entertainment industry for almost 25 years, including a dozen as part of Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions family. He has worked with clients such as Universal, Warner Bros., Fox, A&E, Comedy Central, Viacom & more.


His first feature, the critically acclaimed documentary GETTING OVER, premiered at the prestigious SXSW Film Festival in 2018, and he currently hosts a filmmaking & mental health podcast called HEAD ABOVE WATER.


NiftyFilm is also home to his personal NFT film project, THE ABSENCE IS ALWAYS PRESENT.

Christopher W. Jones


CHRISTOPHER W. JONES is a multi-hypenate talent like few others in the industry. A graduate of the Boston University School For The Arts, Chris has been acting and doing voice-over work professionally for a quarter century.


A long-time member of the Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles, California, Chris stars in a number of Shakespeare stage shows a year, and also teaches a children’s class in how to understand and properly perform the Bard.


Currently performing loop group and background walla for a number of Netflix and other network shows, you’ve probably heard his voice countless times!



AndyK is a musician and producer that resides in Long Beach, CA. He is one of the most prolific creators working today, putting out seven albums this year alone and with over fifty releases to his credit.


He plays keyboards and more in the band, Los Angelenos, and produced the newest album by spoken word artist and rapper, Sam Corea. His music is based in sampling from his extensive record collection and ability to play multiple instruments.


He also hosts a music podcast about the Northern Virginia scene of his youth called Jams for Man.

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When we hit 25% of sales for each of the 5 rarity levels, we will start airdropping bonus content to token holders.

At 50% of sales for each of the 5 rarity levels, series 2 of Late Night Dreads gets greenlit and we start planning our next 8 episodes!

When we sell three quarters of each of the 5 rarity levels, we’ll send some more dreadful bonus content your way!

Late Night Dreads series 1 is a total sell out! We celebrate, we airdrop some bonuses and we get back to work!


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Actor Headshot Silhouette

Our first actor’s chops are gonna knock your socks off! Stay tuned for more exciting casting and celebrity cameo announcements coming soon!

Actor Headshot Silhouette

Our second actor has an extensive slew of film and television credits. Stay tuned for more exciting casting and celebrity cameo announcements coming soon!


Our third actor is really good at what they do! Stay tuned for more exciting casting and celebrity cameo announcements coming soon!

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