Welcome to the world's first NFT marketplace dedicated to independent filmmakers and their fans! We will be growing out our dedicated film-centric marketplaces on both OpenSea & Mintable in the coming months and introducing our own custom smart contract options to help take your NFTs to the next level and grow your audience!

Check out our NFT offerings from Upstart Film Collective as well as our first original production, The Absence is Always Present.

a deeply personal dramatic feature film

by Jason Charnick

As our listings and partnerships continue to grow, NiftyFilm is dedicated to bringing filmmakers and their audience closer than ever before. In the coming months, we will be building out our customized marketplace enabling filmmakers to join forces the likes of which hasn't been seen in independent film in years!

Through the power of smart contracts on the blockchain, the possibilities of NFTs will be limited only by your own imagination! Create tokens that not only offer the usual perks, but can also offer additional value and utility beyond what you can currently do with the technology.

Independent filmmaking doesn't need to be a contact sport any longer! Filmmaking is a team sport now more than ever, and through the power of the blockchain, the rising tide of NFTs can lift all boats!

Check out our resources page above to learn more about how to get started or join the Discord community and meet your fellow filmmakers and NFT creators! See what others are doing to take advantage of this technology and team up with other creators to create tokens with lasting value and collectibility! Join the NiftyFilm revolution today!

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